Mood Ring

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Somewhere between the vast distance that separates the mind from the heart lies a source of constant conflict and question that we refer to as moods. Unlike feelings, moods change with the mere suggestion of change. Unlike attitudes, moods cop their own behavior. Joy is an example of a feeling. Happiness? It is an attitude. But Ecstasy is a Mood! Then there is Depression... another feeling. Sadness? Once again, an attitude. But Desparation is a Mood! Music has a powerful effect on our moods.

In my second commercial CD release, as I wrote the music I explored how change in sound and texture could evoke moods. They did evoke feelings and attitudes... but my focus was on the mood. It is not mood music per se. But it can create moods...

Or you can skip all of that nonsense and enjoy the music!

Release date:  
November 8, 2003
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