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Unfinished This is a mental note for posterity sake. In the past when I put together an album there are "fragments" or leftovers of music that just did not get worked on or completed for various reasons. Sometimes I go back and revisit a musical piece and finish it leaving it to end up on another album. Other times it is completely abandoned.

For Cra+ Ons my methods of writing the music is very reflective of the way I wrote and put together some of my most early pieces of music. One of the side effects is that there is far more unfinished pieces of music, or "fragments". Why? Because I jot down the ideas into sound very similar to the way an author or poet might jot down a line or two. Technology really makes this easier than ever. It is even easy to keep these "jots" organized! The question is- how many jotted down parts do I actually finish, more or less revisit?

To date Cra+ Ons has six completed tracks. There are 39 incomplete tracks. 39. Yes just one shy of 40. Now this does not mean I am putting 45 tracks of music in this album. It simply means that to come up with the 10-12 tracks it takes that many "jotted down lines" to find the cohesive idea I am looking for.

Which of these will make the cut? I actually have an idea of that. Will I revisit any of the others? Yes. When, what for, and which ones is what remains to be seen. Meanwhile they remain unfinished.

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