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POPTARTLittle did I know when 2020 began that before the second month was done, I would be delivering a fully produced completed album of completely new music! And it began with a project that I had "heard" about but never looked at seriously.

The RPM Challenge is a project where, each year, during the month of February, artist come together and agree to write a full album of either 10 songs or 35 minutes of music (sometimes both) individually. There is no award, reward, honor, gift, or anything else associated with the idea, except the satisfaction of having written an album in a single month. It is an incredible challenge due to the sheer nature of the idea.

How an artist approaches the challenge is different for everyone. Some do single take recordings and upload them to the official website (there are a number of different groups that do this as February is considered Album Writing Month among many artists) for the RPM Challenge. Some do instrumentals, and others do full songwriting with lyrics. I choose to do the latter, along with doing full finished productions of the songs. And that is where it got challenging!

In the end I had 10 songs and 41 minutes of new original music. The style is similar to my 2008 album, Pop Junkie... thus a similar title. There is much more "rock" music on this album than my previous works, so I was able to venture away from my normal routine here. Needless to say, I am excited and pleased to offer this album to the public.

To reserve your copy on Spotify click here!

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