Cra+ Ons Offically Released!

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UnfinishedAnd the day finally arrives...

I am very excited to release Cra+ Ons! This album has been in the works since January 2015 and is finally ready for your listening pleasure. There is so much to share about this release. For starters, I wanted to get back to my roots- the way I wrote the music, the sources of inspiration, the sounds I used, etc. To get the feel, I went back to artists who inspired my early electronica growth: Jean-Michel Jarre, the late Edgar Froesse, Klause Schulz, Tangerine Dream, Synergy, etc.

Given the incredible variety of tools at my fingertips I could go crazy adding all sorts of stuff in. But I wanted the album to breathe. Modern Pop and EDM (and all of the many subfactions that exist of it) are fine, but everyone is doing that stuff. My last several albums took me in this old/new direction and I feel Cra+ Ons puts a nice cap on it.

I have a whole lot more left in me, but for now enjoy! Check the link below for links to Amazon, iTunes, or your other favorite music outlets.

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